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I graduated from the University Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier with a Image Processing and Computer Graphics (IGAI) Master's Degree.
After graduation, I worked a couple years at Feral Interactive porting and developing games for Linux. I am now exploring the feasibility of my own independent video game development studio.

pierre.cholet [at] netc.fr

Skill Domains.

Computer graphics specialization
  • Signal processing
  • Computer Graphics
    • Geometric modelling: Subdivision, simplification, parametrization; Parametric and implicit surfaces, deformable geometry; 3D reconstruction
    • Real-time rendering: Lighting modelling and simulation; Appearance analysis and synthesis, SFX; GPU programming (OpenGL)
    • Animation: skeleton, dressing, collision detection and management; Laws of motion; Direct/inverse kinematics
    • Game design: Usability of interactive systems; UX in games
  • Image analysis and processing and Computer vision
  • Analysis and synthesis of sound and digital video environments
Computer Sciences
  • System: System Primitives, Parallelism (heavy/light processes, OpenMP, SIMD, CUDA), MIPS Assembler
  • Dev: Software Engineering, Design Patterns, UML, UI Design, Security, Debug (gdb, valgrind)
  • Algorithmics: Data Structures, Graph Theory, Languages and Automata, AI
  • Networks: Architecture, Sockets, Network and Transport Layers, Routing
  • Database: SQL, Entity-Relationship Model, Relational Algebra, Normalization, Optimization
  • Languages: C, C++, Python, Java, OCaml, Matlab, JavaScript, HTML/PHP/CSS
  • Radium-Engine improvements: painting application; implementation of Position Based Skinning
Personal experience

Work Experience.

October 2021 - October 2022 C++/C# Development Engineer
at Ruag Defence France then Thalès Simulation & Training - Terssac, Tarn
Distributed military training simulators, BISim VBS3/VBS4, HLA
March 2019 - December 2020 C++ Cross-Platform Developer at Feral Interactive – London
Total War: Rome Remastered (April 2021) Steam logo
Dirt 4 (March 2019) Steam logo
Linux and macOS development, Front End UI development, Sprite Export Pipeline, Bug fixing
September 2017 - December 2018 Librarian (BIATSS) at the University Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier
Handle the computer room, Welcome & advice users, Lend quiz remotes
November 2016 - June 2018 Consultant Student at the junior entreprise Upsilon (Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier)
Take part in professional interviews, Lead client meetings, Translate functional requirements into specifications
March 2015 - June 2015 Bioinformatics Technician (3 months internship at the term of DUT)
at Bacteriology Laboratory of G. Montpied Teaching Hospital at Clermont-Ferrand
Develop in Python, Integrate the state of the art, Type genetic sequences, Detect genes
September 2011 - July 2012 Librarian (BIATSS) at the University Toulouse II – Le Mirail
Manage Japanese resources and IT equipment, Welcome users, Cataloguing (SUDOC type)
October 2006 9th grade observation internship in a company at "Lo Bolegason" concert hall in Castres, Tarn
Concert logistics, computer and residence management, flyers distribution


2017-2019 Master's degree: Computer Graphics and Image Processing (IGAI)
at the University Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier (31 – Toulouse)
2015-2017 Licence Degree: Computer Science
at the Universities of Strasbourg (67 – Strasbourg) & Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier (31 – Toulouse)
2013-2015 2 years technical degree (DUT): Biological engineering, Bioinformatics specialization
at Aurillac’s branch of the IUT of Clermont-Ferrand (15 – Aurillac)
2010-2012 Licence Degree: Japanese Language and Culture (LLCE) Resigned
at the University Toulouse II – Le Mirail (31 – Toulouse)
2010 Baccalauréat - Scientific stream - Biology specialization
at "la Borde Basse" Highschool (81 – Castres)


French Native language
English Fluent: B2 European Level (2015 TOEIC score: 895/990)
Japanese Former academic project


June 2018 2018 THSF edition in Toulouse
July 2015 2015 JOBIM edition (bioinformatics conferences) in Clermont-Ferrand


2010 A2 and B Driving Licence
2014 French IT&Internet Certificate lvl. 1 (C2I niveau 1)
2015 French Civic Rescue lvl. 1 (PSC1)