Unreal Engine 4 game jams

These are the few entries, either solo or team, I got involved in for the Epic's #UE4 various jams.
The results might not be convincing at all but it was all about getting knowledge..

Most releases are for Windows, the 2 reasons are Linux lacked an Epic Games native launcher at the time and those are fairly old now..
But the some of the entries will become standalone, fully reworked under Godot, Linux compatible games at some point.

Katagatsuku screenshot

Katagatsuku was a try to make jams in team with UE4 beginners, the result is a moving a character across a procedurally generated maze.
This was a team convoluted random effort to make this happen..
I mainly introduced to others the concepts of visual scripting through Unreal Engine blueprints, procedural generation, sprite animation and mesh creation (texture, UV).

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Fire in the Firewall screenshot
Fire in the Firewall

Fire in the Firewall was a bad pun but one of my best gameplay driven entry, I implemented different features for the drone character but sadly had absolutely no time for level design.
I spent some time on the ugly drone character but the rest was about the gameplay logic to structure the character features impact over other elements of the world.
It is under heavy refactoring and getting real level design when I got some free time (which is currently not the case).

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Ultimate Elevator Lift screenshot
Ultimate Elevator Lift

My first ever entry. I taught someone how to make 3D meshes and basically didn't get many things done as split screen and elevator logic took quite a lot of time.

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Make it to Be the Tree screenshot
Make it to Be the Tree

This entry is the most recent one, quite haven't got some time since then, neither did I to make this one.
I mainly worked over discovering low poly and getting decent UV mapping.

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