photo My name is Pierre, people also know me under the nickname aokami. avatar

Occupation. I've been a video game enthousiast for a long time, made maps for both GoldSrc and Source engines, I tried open source engines such as Panda3D, entered several UE4 game jams extensively using Blender and after a couple years at Feral Interactive, I am now focused on indepement game development under Linux using Godot.
If you are willing to loose 10 minutes of your time, the starting point is Cheese's overview about the Linux gaming market and the game porting activity. Games are among the last reason people wouldn't care switching to Linux for the privacy and open model benefits.
I made this my dream and while studying Computer Graphics at university, I had the unique chance to get hired at Feral Interactive where I helped port and develop games for the Linux platform. I met brilliant people but we parted ways so I could focus on working on my own stuff for some time on the Godot ecosystem.
The current video game industry stakes are quite odd and convoluted, way different from the ideal I pictured a while ago. On one side Vulkan is becoming stronger than ever with fresh Zink translating OpenGL, Steam putting a massive investment on Linux related tech, but on the other hand, breathtaking translation layers implementation such as wine, DXVK, VKD3D and more, lets us enjoy a wide library of Windows games but market shares are still ridiculously low on Linux and I doubt developers will start carring about the platform soon, but we have hope and here's some charts. In my free time, I further develop my own projects either being desktop or web apps or standalone games. I also have translated a few nerdy videos or indie games in french when needed or report bugs and updates. Still daily monitoring about FOSS, computer graphics & and video game industry, net neutrality and IT security.

Opinion. I'm also in favor of the currently endangered net neutrality protection, we should give our entire support to the EFF and La Quadrature du Net.
I'm also all for FOSS as we need to overthink our bonds with the GAFAM as they continously replace all our usages via the internet. You should definitely check out Framasoft's former campaign De-google-ify which provides FOSS alternatives for virtually all google services, and the current one contributopia (and especially peertube).
These are the reasons I'm actually running my own yunohost on this very server and with that my own git service, blog and peertube instance.
About science, we should reconsider the Open Access perspective of scientific research and I invite you to check associate professor at university Paris 8 Pablo Rauzy works about it.