Computer Graphics

There are made during the computer graphics master's degree. But there's more to come.

sphere subdivison screenshot
Iso-sphere and Ico-sphere subdivision

The goal here was to understand how to mesh and subdivide genus-0 items such as spheres.
Sphere can be either generated with sphere equations or approached via an icosahedron.
Finally we had to make a shader to locally visualize difference between real sphere coordinates and the approximations from our spheres subdivision.

bsplines screenshot
B-Spline surfaces

In a first time it was about implementing the blossoming of 1D B-Splines to get a polyline driven 1D curve in a 3D space.
In a second time was implemented the tensor product of 2 B-Splines to get a regular quad mesh driven 2D surface in a 3D space.

3D real time Rendering Engine from scratch under development

The goal here was to implement at least 3 of several basic concepts found in mainstream 3D rendering engines.
This covers order independant transparency, FXAA, bloom+tonemapping and SSAO for the rendering part and
mesh subidivision, mesh simplification and meta-balls implicit surfaces and marching cube for the geometric modelisation part.


The topic on which I worked for 10 weeks at the bateriology lab of Teaching Hospital Gabriel Montpied in Clermont-Ferrand.

dut internship screenshot
Python pipeline assembly for bioinformatics analysis of high throughput sequencing of pathogenic bacteria

The last semester of the DUT degree includes an internship of 10 weeks in which I developed a python pipeline.
It's called TTRaVDAP for "Trimming, Typing, Resistance and Virulence genes and plasmids Detection, Assembly, Phylogeny".
Basically, using existing state of the art, it take as input bacteria genetic sequences and virulent genes databases and outputs detection and phylogeny.

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Here are some miscellanous code pieces which may end up being more serious projects.

what IP web extension screenshot
WhatIP web extension on hold

On November 2017, the Mozilla foundation took the choice to drop old XUL/XPCOM technologies in favor of the WebExtension API.
Sadly discovering that both ShowIP and Flagfox weren't supported, I decided to take a shot at this.

Install on Firefox
real time rendering screenshot
IA for devs on hold

Reading through interesting Virginie MATHIVET's book L'Intelligence Artificielle pour les développeurs (IA for devs), I decided to port her C# samples to Python. Because I further specialized in Computer Graphics I didn't quite had enough time to continue this project but will definitely finish it at some point.

pygenere screenshot

Pygenere is a simple python implementation of Vigènere cipher encryption and decryption I used for a work assignment about vigenère cryptanalysis parallelization.